About Us

 Our Story

Douglas Munroe and Kenneth Manuel in partnership created Value Sales and Rentals in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1958.  Both had served in the Canadian Merchant Marine in WWII; Doug sailed the oceans whilst Ken fueled the convoys destined for overseas.  Following the war, the pair set out for British Columbia where together they renovated houses for 8 years.  While they enjoyed their time on the west coast, they missed the Maritimes and they decided to return to Nova Scotia with a plan to set up a company here.  The original location of Value Sales was 27 Commercial St., later renamed Alderney Dr., in Dartmouth. in a late 1800's building. They started off selling used furniture, rented small tools, sold Enterprise wood and oil stove parts, Selkirk & Square A chimneys as well and furnace controls and stove elements.  For a time, one section was a pawn shop.  Over the course of time, the downtown core became less viable.  Malls were being built around the city and much of the traffic in downtown Dartmouth was no longer.  In searching for a new location, they needed a place that could accommodate the foundry as well.  In 1982 a decision was made to move to 723 Windmill Rd in Burnside.  At that time Burnside was largely undeveloped which was a concern, however customers followed and Value Sales Ltd. is still operating at this location.  Furnace parts, stove elements and chimney is still sold here along with pipe, fittings, furnace and oil tank installations.  A back building was initially set up for the foundry, but has since been converted to a machine shop.  We now offer CNC milling, lathe and plasma cutting services.  We also create metal art pieces and offer custom metal art design for our customers.

Although both Ken and Doug have since passed away, Value Sales is still owned by family.  Esta Manuel - Ken's widow - is still an active owner.  We are now in our 66th year.  This is indeed an old Dartmouth company!