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    Standard OUTSIDE Oil Tank Installation - 100 gal Primer Coated Tank

    $2,750.00 CAD

    Product description

    BMI 100 gal 12 ga 2.5 mm tank comes with grey primer coating (must be painted), one de-aerator, material, labor and disposal of old tank.  If you want a painted tank, cost is an additional 100.00 plus tax.  Tanks are now required to be placed on 15 x 30 reinforced concrete supports, which is included in the installation. 

    A 100 gal oil tank is ideal for homeowners with heat pumps.  This compact capacity tank takes up less space with half the amount of oil stored on site.  Also, new installations now require a complete oil fill for the first delivery.  This must be done when techs are present for inspection on date of tank replacement.  A 100 gallon oil tank cuts this bill in half.  

    Here are the B139-15 Code clearances required when replacing an outside oil tank (with the B139-15 section referenced):

    - 1.5 m (5 ft) or more from tank to property line 7.3.3 (b)
    - 1.5 m (5 ft) or more from tank to a means of egress i.e. doors, ramps or stairways 6.4.2
    - 600 mm (2 ft) minimum termination point of vent pipe from operable window or opening 8.3.8 (c)
    - 39" from tank to electrical meter 6.4.4 (d)
    - Posts are required to protect the tank from impact if in a driveway. 6.4.1

    Obviously there are other code requirements, but these are the main ones that sometimes can be an issue. In most cases we can find a solution without much of a problem. Sometimes it is just a matter of shifting the tank over, extending the fill and vent pipe or moving the tank to another location.

    Note: If you need help filling out an insurance form, please ask and we will assist you. Also, if you have an insurance policy that is expiring but cannot get an installation date in time, we can send a document to your insurer stating the date of installation. Most insurers will accept this with the understanding that they will be notified if the installation is cancelled. 

    Licensed Oil Heat Systems Technician on every tank installation.
    B139 Code Compliant Installations.

    We are fully insured. We carry both General Liability & Environmental Insurance tailored specifically for oil heat installations.

    Questions? Call us 902-468-1220. If you wish to have an in person discussion about your tank installation, come in and see us.

    Note I: B139 codes must be met.
    Note II: If tank is supplying more that one appliance (i.e. furnace and an oil fired hot water heater) add 350.00 + Tax for an additional deaerator.

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