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    Standard Inside Oil Tank Installation Primer Coated Tank. Includes Oil Line Protection with Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve™.

    $2,550.00 CAD

    Product description

    Standard 200 gal inside oil tank installation with *primer* coated tank (tank must be painted), material, labour and disposal of old tank. Includes Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve for oil line protection. Prevents oil loss from the tank if the oil line or any of its components are compromised. Trays are now required to be installed under the tank and the filter. This is also included in the price.

    Inside tanks must have 2" clearances on two sides and 18"clearance on two sides, one of which is the valve end of the tank.

    Our tank installations include a fuel oil safety valve in every installation. This added safety feature protects you, us and your insurer. This safety valve is installed in the tank outlet to prevent oil loss should the oil line be cut (i.e. vandalism) or damaged (i.e. lawn mower). The valve also protects against oil loss caused by oil pump failure, faulty fittings or loose filter heads. A tank installed without this valve has nothing to restrict oil flow should a breach occur. Even with the oil line coming off the top outlet, the contents of the tank will siphon if cut below the liquid level. In the case of a fuel pump failure, there is nothing to stop your basement from flooding with oil unless this valve is in your tank. Think of the mess a few liters of oil can make, let alone a full tank of oil! This valve will cut the oil flow off right at the tank. This is because the valve was made to be in a normally closed position. It only opens when the pump engages and generates a vacuum. If there is a breech in the oil line, a sufficient vacuum cannot be generated to open the valve. Like smoke detectors & security systems, it's better to have and not need, than need and not have.

    Note: If you need help filling out an insurance form, please ask and we will assist you. Also, if you have an insurance policy that is expiring but cannot get an installation date in time, we can send a document to your insurer stating the date of installation. Most insurers will accept this with the understanding that they will be notified if the installation is cancelled.

    Licensed Oil Heat Systems Technician on every tank installation.
    B139 Code Compliant Installations.

    We are fully insured. We carry both General Liability & Environmental Insurance tailored specifically for oil heat installations.

    Questions? Call us 902-468-1220. If you wish to have an in person discussion about your tank installation, come in and see us.

    Note I: B139 codes must be met.
    Note II: If tank is supplying more that one appliance (i.e. furnace and an oil fired hot water heater) add 325.00 + Tax for an additional deaerator.

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